Leg Lock Bridge | 60 Second Fit Tip

If you like to foam roll and stretch your quads, add this exercise to your routine to keep the mobility you just worked so hard to gain.

Leg lock bridge that takes a minute on each side. It will help you learn to connect your foot to the floor for single leg exercises, help you build lower body strength and teach your body to control the new range of motion you've created.

Coach's Notes:

1) Set up on your back, feet close together and close to your butt.
2) Find the top of your hip bone and your bottom rip and place a tennis ball right in the middle.
3) Take the leg on that side and pin the ball in place, hugging the knee.
4) Connect the other foot to the floor, then slowly push your foot down, bridging up.
5) Exhale as you push. When you lose your breath, bring your butt back down.

foam roll 3x2.jpg

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