Kicking the Tires: Vehicle Maintenance

Jimmy jump 1x1_Fotor.jpg

Your body is your only vehicle for expression. It can purr or it can stall out. It can be a rusty Buick Skylark (thank you, “My Cousin Vinny") or a Ferrari or somewhere in-between. You make that decision. Here are 5 ways to treat your body like a Ferrari:

1… Schedule maintenance; get an annual physical. Blood panels give you valuable information. If you’re looking to improve your healthy, seeing a doctor first is a good idea.

2… Pamper your vehicle; plan to spend time on yourself. Spend ten minutes alone after work, watch a movie or get a massage. Reset your mind. You can’t run the engine in the red and expect the vehicle to last.

3… Use the right fuel; eat food that energizes you. If you eat a meal and all you want to do is sleep afterwards, it probably wasn’t good for you. Pay attention to how food makes you feel.

4… Take the car out of the garage; move every day. Just get up and walk. Keep your body mobile.

5… Be gentle; practice kindness on yourself. Self-deprecation is tiring. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. You only have so much energy. Spend it being awesome!

In the end, make yourself a priority. Take care of yourself. It's difficult. Even just taking the time to think about yourself and what you want can be a huge win. Pick one thing on this list and commit to it. 

Start taking care of yourself!

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