Intro to Goal Setting

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Goal setting is all about success... duh! At the same time, how come being successful in achieving our goals is so difficult? Ask yourself:

1) Is my goal my goal or am I trying to please someone else?
2) Am I scared to admit I have a lofty goal?
3) Do I have a plan?
4) Do I have the support around you to make it happen?

We deal with goal setting all the time here at Results Driven. That's why we've developed this system to help members work towards their goals. It's important to remember that right now we're going to show you some tactical steps to take, but solving all the questions above is important.

Start with really asking yourself, "Why do I want to achieve this goal?" Really dig for the answer. If what you find is not an emotional reason and something deeply rooted in who you are or who you hope to become, you're less likely to continue to have the motivation to keep going when obstacles come your way... and obstacles WILL come your way.

Once you've answer that question for yourself, follow the steps below:

1) Set an Outcome Goal

Your outcome goal is the driven by your "Why." This is going to be that "bigger" goal you want to achieve. This could be losing 10 pounds or starting to kettlebell swing. It's a destination. Whatever it is, make sure it's something you REALLY care about. We're not here to judge, and if you're being judged for the goals you have, find a new audience.

2) Set 2 Process Goals to Support That Outcome Goal

Also known as the Violet Coefficient, this is the answer to question #3. This is where you build success into the process. Your 2 process goals focus on 2 paths; a fitness path and a nutrition or recovery path. These two paths are meant to support your outcome goal (drop 10 pounds, kettlebell swing etc.)

Also consider that they are there to continually give you something to work on when the other process goal isn't clicking. When you just set one goal, and one way to reach that goal, more than likely there are going to be times that you lose momentum. With the Violet Coefficient, when your fitness goal is falling short because you have a busy week, you can fall back on your nutrition or recovery goal to keep the momentum going. Go YOU!


Outcome Goal: Lose 10 Pounds
Process Goals: Move or Exercise 3x per Week & Food Journal

Outcome Goal: Kettlebell Swing
Process Goals: Practice Kettlebell deadlift 3-4x per week & Foam Roll 

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