In-Between-ers: RD Approved Snacks Vol. 1

Snacks on Snacks!

At RD, we encourage members to eat every 2 to 4 hours. Eating this often addresses a few obstacles in the fat loss journey:

1. It balances blood sugar. Most people have 4+ hours between larger meals. This leads to low blood sugar and causes people to grab the next snack in sight, even when it's a donut or slice of pizza.

2. It gets us planning what we're going to eat. It's nearly impossible to reach your fitness goals when you're leaving your nutrition up to chance on a daily basis. Planning a snack, just 2 small meals a day, gives you the first building blocks to eating to reach your goals.

3. It gets you enough calories. It's "gym" season. If you're starting a new fitness regimen, eating enough is important. Going back to reason #1: when there are major gaps in your day without food, plus you're exercising, you're more than likely not eating enough to compliment your hard work.

Now that you know why snacks are important, below are 10 snacks that the coaches at RD recommend. All of these options are solid, but if you want to be a rockstar, make sure your snack includes protein. Enjoy!