Holiday Fitness Tips Pt. 1


The holiday season is a time for giving. Unfortunately, with so much time spent on thinking of others, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. No worries! We're in the giving mood too!

We're here to offer a few installments of easy tips to consider to help you thwart off those holiday pounds and keep you healthy over the holidays. These tips may seem "too simple," but sometimes the simple solutions are the most effective! Enjoy!


Exercise Tip #1: Move 2 to 4 per Week

Everyone dreads the 10 lbs. they’ve always gained over the holidays. How can you avoid that this year? Make sure to move and/or exercise at least 2 to 4 times a week. Warm up, pair an upper and lower body movement with a core move and do that circuit for 15 minutes. Get in and get out!

Here's a sample for you to try:


Sleep Tip #1: Develop and Stick to a Routine


When holiday times get hectic, fall back on an evening routine to increase your chances of getting a goodnight’s sleep.

Does it mean making a cup of tea, reading or taking a shower? Whatever it is, tell yourself this is the start of your evening routine. Stick to it and build the habit of getting ready for bed.


Hydration Tip #1: Drink Water Before Your Meals


Large gatherings with lots of food can lead to over eating. How can we stack the odds in our favor?

Drinking a glass of water a half hour before your meal will help curb the desire to over eat. 

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