Get Ready To Move: Half Kneel Hip CARs

The whole point of a warm-up is to increase tissue temperature and prime your joints for the workout ahead. To help our members prepare, we follow a combination of exercises from Functional Movement Systems and Functional Range Conditioning. Used properly, these 2 systems create an environment for your body to gain range of motion and build strength.

To get the hips ready, we use FRC's CARs approach. The video above demonstrates Hip CARs (controlled articular rotations) in the half kneeling position. CARs show the brain your available range of motion and allow you to wake up even the deepest tissue in the hip capsule. Here's how it works:

Half Kneel Hip CARs (Forward)

1) Find an anchored object that you can hold on to. The knee closest to the object is down, outside knee is up.

2) Crush the pole in your hand and drive your down knee into the floor. Building tension is critical.

3) Pick your front foot up off of the floor about an inch. Move the ankle and knee, at the same rate, to the side.

4) Stop when you feel your hips swivel. Build more tension. With the hips locked, drive the knee into that sticking spot and twist the ankle towards the ceiling.

5) Continue twisting the ankle and driving the knee back and around until your knees come back together.


6) Starting in half kneel, sweep the heel back for the wall behind you. 

7) Drive the knee and ankle out to the side. When you feel your hip hike up, stop.

8) Lock the hips, build tension, and drive the knee into that sticking spot, slowly twisting the ankle through. Keep driving into that spot until you come back to half kneel.

This movement should not feel "pinchy" or painful at all. It should feel mildly to extremely uncomfortable, but not painful. The point of any CARs exercise is to avoid compensation from other joints. Focus your energy on creating as much authentic range of motion from the moving joint as possible.  

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