Gaps: Assessment and Progress

“What you’re not doing is going to be the issue.” - Dan John

Are you pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting and carrying? 


RD speaks a lot about this fella Dan John. One of his biggest contributions to the fitness industry was defining the 6 fundamental movement patterns (push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carry and everything else). At Results Driven, we exploit these general movement categories to help our members reach their goals. It’s our belief that performing exercises within each of these patterns, with integrity, should guarantee that you will look, move and feel better. 

If you’re not reaching your goals, ask yourself, “What am I not doing?” In this picture above, Mary and Kev are hanging and squatting. Can you get your hips below your knees in a squat? Can you hang for a minute? If not, work on gaining the mobility and strength you need to learn these 2 patterns. 

Constantly assessing your gaps minimizes your “issues,” and sets the stage for lasting fitness.

Look, move and feel better!

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