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Welcome back everybody! 

This is the last week of April and the last week of member appreciation month. This week, we think it's appropriate to celebrate Nina!

We're highlighting her because she is traveling for work, but that won’t it stop her. We'll go over her process for being successful on the road. 

Enjoy! Recap below...

The Take-away:

Nina's Story

The biggest obstacle we'll have on our fitness journey is LIFE. We have to come to terms with this and figure out ways for it not to derail us from what we want to achieve. This is why Nina's story is so important.

When she's home, she averages 3 to 4 workouts a week and consistently talks to coaches to pick their brain on her process. This has lead to her losing 30 lbs since she started at RD.

In this year, she had to travel twice for work, 1 month in Texas and now a second month-long assignment in Pennsylvania.  In the year she’s been an RD member, she’s been away almost 20% of the time.  That could be a recipe for disaster, if not approached right.

What can our community learn from Nina?

1) First, find equipment that you can easily take with you. Things like mini-bands, resistance bands, val-slides and even a suspension trainer can be easily transported for workouts on the road. For less than $100 you can get enough equipment for endless "fun."

2) Figure out a way to maintain some semblance of nutrition. Start with just eating frequently. Most of us eat 3 times a day on vacation, so if we can have some snacks in-between, maybe a yogurt, bar or shake, we're less likely to over eat at our next meal.

3) Stay accountable. Whether it's a friend, coach or community, checking in with people who care that you're staying on track keeps us motivated. 

Nina is not perfect. She shares the 5 dove chocolate minis in her food journal and has been battling a cold, so she's been resting over going to the gym. The important thing to remember is being on vacation isn't going to be a time we're going to surge towards a goal. 

That doesn't mean that it has to be a time where you mail it in, either. Move a few times and eat frequently to continue to reinforce the healthy habits you've worked so hard to make a part of your life.

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