Fitness myths: Which weighs more, the muscle or the egg?

Does muscle weigh more than fat? Does fat weigh more than muscle? Eggs.. chickens... File under mythical questions...  

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Recently, a member was commenting on their measurements. Although they had lost 7 pounds of fat, the scale did not change 7 pounds worth. They chalked it up to this myth. Which weighs more? A pound of fat or muscle. The truth is, a pound is a pound. The question still remains, why hasn’t the scale changed!?

It's important to keep in mind that your weight is made up of all of your tissues and fluids. A common phenomenon at RD is members “not losing enough weight.” What’s our answer? Jump on our sophisticated scale. It measures water, body fat and muscle to give you a better idea of what you’ve lost and gained. Most of the time, especially in the beginning, people are gaining muscle while they drop fat. So, the scale “isn’t moving,” yet, things are changing.

Although this may be frustrating in the beginning, it’s a good thing! Muscle burns 10-15 more calories per pound than fat. This means, if you keep trending in that direction, calorie burning goes up exponentially, and you’ll slowly come closer to a healthier body fat percentage.

When our members find themselves in an emotional battle over their measurements, here are 3 strategies we recommend:

1) Take note of how you feel. Fat loss is a complicated process. Most RD members feel better days after they start with us. Be mindful of those little victories and the scale will seem less important.

2) Talk to a coach. Although it’s understandable to be fixated on the scale, talk to a coach to get a more detailed picture of what’s going on. They can then give you action steps to help you progress towards your goal.

3) Focus on a process goal. Learning a new skill can be a welcome distraction from fat loss. Why? Because a lot of the time, they happen simultaneously. Again, focusing on the progress you make takes the pressure off of “losing weight.” In the end, you end up with both goals, even though you focused 100% of your effort on just one.

Takes this home. A quote from that same member:

“You have to start feeling better first, that’s how I started. It’s only been a week for me, I feel better, Next, I’m going to focus more on nutrition.” 

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