Fit Tip Friday: Deadlift Bottom Iso

Deadlifting is an effective full body exercise for fat burning and building strength. With great power comes great responsibility though. That means learning all the parts before you start picking up heavy stuff.

The bottom iso is how we teach people to find the bottom of the deadlift. We can coach people into the right position, and someone can pick the bell up safely, but putting it back down is the next challenge. This drill teaches the body to find how the bottom feels. Here are the finer points.

1) Start by standing OVER the bell. Feet hip width. Handle of the bell at knee height.
2) Push your butt back, find tension in your hamstrings and butt, and grip the handle.
3) Build tension. Crush the handle. Pack the shoulder. Pry your hips. Dial your feet.
4) Maintain that tension and breathe. Get the breath down to the belly.
5) Keep breathing. Hold for 5-10 breaths then relax