Finding Your Alignment | The Coach's Corner

Posture and alignment... what does that mean?

In this episode of The Coach's Corner Coach Ed takes you through finding the right alignment for your body and how to carry that to different exercises in your routine. If we can reinforce appropriate posture in all positions it carries over to real life! Tips below!

The Takeaway:

We work with people of all ages and abilities. Just because we want people to be able to squat, lunge, deadlift, swing, push, pull, etc... it doesn’t mean those choices are right for them.

Last weekend, we had the honor of hosting an in-service for our team with Coach Fury, master instructor for DVRT and RKC, a lead instructor for the Original Strength System and a down right good dude!

One of the points that really resonated with me, was to meet people where they are, not where we want them to be! Part of meeting people where they are is finding the right alignment for each position of the developmental sequence given their current movement profile.

I’m going to take you through some quick steps to find proper alignment and breath in each position, and then how to carry that alignment over to an exercise that is available to most people.

It all starts on the ground...

Supine Breathing

  • Set up with your legs bent
  • And hands on your midsection.
  • if you struggle finding the breath, you may want to change your head position
  • simply placing a rolled up t-shirt or a pad under your head, could help you find a more optimal position to find a good breath

Once you find the alignment, carry it over to the dead bug. Rip a sandbag or pull a mini band apart to add some upper body tension to the movement.


In quadruped we want you to carry over the same breath you found flat on your back. Take a minute to try the breath out with different head positions. Find the alignment that lends itself to the best possible breath.

From here you can perform a quad diagonal pull-through (aka bird dog), and if you don’t have a sandbag, you can challenge the position by pulling a mini band.


We want to achieve proper alignment and breath, while keeping the tension out of the shoulders and neck. In order to do this, we recommend using head turns combined with a breath to audit your position. If you can find the same breath you did in the two previous positions, and you can freely turn your head without any tightness or discomfort and without losing your position, you probably found your optimal alignment. 

Once you find proper alignment in tall kneel, you can press out an ultimate sandbag, or a light medicine ball. Use your breath and head turns as an audit every few reps.

Standing Position

Before we add any weight, stand up and place one hand on your chest and one on your stomach.  Find the alignment that allows you to get the breath as low as possible in your midsection.  Once you find that position, you can perform a loaded carry.  We want you to find the heaviest weight that will allow you to take a smooth step, while maintaining the same breath.  As you start to get tired, gripping the bells and pushing down, can help you squeeze a few extra steps out of the movement.

Take a minute to find out which minor changes in alignment help you achieve the appropriate breath, and then carry the same alignment and breath over to your exercise. 

Keep in mind, if any of these positions have pain, we recommend going to a qualified medical professional to determine whether your pain is medical, orthopedic, or simply improper position/technique.

As Coach Fury says, Skill over Sweat and Soreness.  It’s our job to help you improve your fitness, but we can do so in a safer, more sustainable manner, if we help you find the right alignment and breath in every movement.  

Thank you to Coach Fury for getting on his soap box and dropping some serious knowledge.  If you want to learn some more from him, check out

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