Fear or Arrogance | Coach's Corner

Coaching is less about kicking peoples ass and more about understanding who they are and what's motivating them so we can best communicate the next fitness choice that will help them towards their goal (You didn't think it was that complicated did you?). 

In this episode, Coach Ed talks about fear and arrogance. What's holding a client back from making progress? Is it the fact that they're scared to getting hurt or getting hurt again so they are timid, or is it that they're belief in themselves surpasses their actual abilities and we have to reel them in without damaging their ego?

Coach Ed lays out strategies for communicating with each type of client and how we can still drive them to be total badasses taking 2 different approaches!

When analyzing gaps in a client’s program, do we start with movement patterns or strength exercises? 

The next question is, what's holding them back: Fear or Arrogance?

The first step is performing a Functional Movement Screen, address any mobility or motor control deficits, and then set a performance goal that is the terminal expression of the qualities we are working on. 

The second step is understanding your client and why you're working together.

There is a sweet spot with training where a client is listening to a coach, following their guidance and doing everything they can from a movement and nutrition standpoint to reach their goals. However, this sweet spot doesn't last forever, and this is where fear and arrogance play a role.

Fear interferes with people who deal with pain or people with little exercise experience. These types of people don't want anything bad to happen. They know they need to change, but are afraid of the process.

Arrogance, from a training standpoint, comes into play when the person's perception of their mobility, motor control or movement skills have not caught up with their intense drive, which results in pushing too hard and potential injury.

Which one are you? Are you hesitant of the path ahead or are you so excited you fail to see your own limitations? Do some soul searching, then take this advice:

For the Fearful Person:

1) Understand you have to repattern movement from the ground up. The ground can be the safest place to gain the mobility and stability they need to perform exercises safely.
2) Choose a terminal exercise for the pattern we want to improve. Whether ego or fear are driving your decisions, choosing an ultimate expression allows us to plot out a course of action.

For the Arrogant Person:

1) Choose a terminal exercise for the pattern we want to improve. Since you're ready to rule the world, but have some stuff holding you back, it's important to know the finish line and how many steps away you are from crossing it.
2) Just like the fearful person, take the time to re-pattern movement and get strong. Glazing over the finer points of one skill to get to the ultimate skill will hold you back from progressing.

Moral of the story…

whether you’re new to this whole exercise thing, or you crush it in the gym on a regular basis, make sure you get a movement screen done, analyze gaps in your training program, and work with a coach that know how to connect with you and meet you where you currently.  

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