Exorcise the Sugar Demon With These Tips!

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Reese’s and Snicker’s and Twix, oh my!

You say to yourself “Okay, only one. They’re small. One won’t do anything.” One turns into two and two into twenty. The next thing you know you wake up in covered in wrappers the size of the pile of leaves in the yard.

Hey, we get it. Halloween candy is delicious and inescapable right now.

It’s fine to have a few on occasion and in moderation. If you’ve read our last nutrition blog post, you know we don’t think eating candy once a year will be the end of your goals FOREVER.

What if you really don’t want to eat that little cute bag of Peanut M&M’s but you suddenly feel like this uncontrollable urge out of nowhere and had to give into it!

Why does that happen?

How can you end your sugar addiction?

We’re going into a sugar rich time of year. If you care about your health, read this article and try to follow a few of the steps to keep you on track as we roll into the holidays.

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Keep it Positive

  1. Add a Probiotic - Gut health is key when trying to defeat sugar. A microbiome that isn’t flourishing with a diverse amount of good bugs is a breeding ground for cravings. The bacteria and fungi that live in the GI tract feed off of sugar, especially the processed kind like the corn syrup found in Halloween candy. No worries! Consume some probiotic rich foods/drinks or add a probiotic supplement into your routine to offset these effects.

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2. Hydrate - Drinking a proper amount of water for your body can help fight cravings simply due to the fact that you’ll be more full. Sometimes you grab food because you feel hungry but it’s actually thirst! Help your body out by staying hydrated.

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3. Eat Frequently - Blood sugar spikes and crashes can cause a slew of physical and emotional issues. Eating every two to four hours may not solve all of your blood sugar problems but it can certainly help you avoid false cravings that come with it.


4. Eat Fibrous Foods - VEGETABLES! They’re good for you. They have a lot of fiber. Fiber makes you feel more full. Too full to eat a s*** ton of candy. Boom, problem solved!

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5. Give Your Body Natural Sugar - If you’re having problems with your sweet tooth, give into it! Try adding more natural sugar like fruit into your diet. Humans aren’t made to eat processed foods. We do well when we eat nutritious, whole foods, period.


Cut the Cravings

  1. Follow the Steps - Crowd out the negative...Add a probiotic, drink water, eat more fruits and veggies and eat more frequently.

  2. Reduce - Try cutting out one sugar source at a time over a certain amount of time. A lot of people do well gradually weaning off of sweets in a systematic way.

  3. Go Cold Turkey - Cut sugar out completely. Sometimes this is the best way to do it. Round up all of the candy, soft drinks and baked goods and BURN them! Alright, that may be too intense, but you get the idea.

You can beat sugar cravings. It seems impossible this time of year, when you’re constantly being bombarded by events, parties and evil family members. You can have fitness goals and eat candy, but if you’re sick and tired of being defeated by those uncontrollable desires, you can cut it out.

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