Eat Great, Even Late: Eating After 6pm

A question we get a lot is, "I workout at night. How late is it okay to eat?" 

During a recent nutrition meeting, Coach Ed addressed the stigma of eating late.

When eating, the 2 things you want to ask yourself are: 

1) Am I hungry?
2) Did I eat in the last 2-4 hours?

If you're hungry, eat. If it's been less than 2 hours, examine what you ate last. If it was enough, you shouldn't be hungry. Plan to eat more next time.

It doesn't matter what time of day it is. "Not eating after 6pm" isn't a thing. If you workout at night, you need to eat afterwards.

What should you eat?

If you just worked out, plan to eat a protein, vegetable and starch (potato, rice, quinoa, pasta). If you're not working out, eat a protein, vegetable and fat. Stick to 0 calorie beverages and you're on the way to healthy eating!

Looking For A Tasty Dinner?

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