Developing Strength | The Fitness Show

What do we do here at Results Driven? One way we describe ourselves is that we’re a gym that helps people realize and reach their goals. We do this through strength training.

Now people’s concern when they hear strength training is that they’re going to get hurt, or that they just don’t know what to do, so they do nothing at all. That’s our fitness system is so powerful. It’s very simple and customizable. Meeting people where they are no matter their age, ability level or experience is what we do best, and this is where the developmental sequence comes in.

In this episode of The Fitness Show we're talking about how we help people regain their physical independence by adopting positions we used to become upright human beings. By training in certain positions, members are able to develop the stability and mobility we have lost through living our daily lives. Check out the episode and get tips below!

The Take-Away:

1) Training in Different Postures and Positions

It seems so silly but by following the developmental sequence, aka doing things babies did to become upright, we can get stronger and give our body what it needs to start loosening up. Perform exercises on you back and stomach, then on all fours and different kneeling positions. Some examples might be deadbugs, crawling and any upper body exercise while the lower body lives in half or tall kneeling.

2) Notice Your "Movement Diet"

What positions do we typically spend our day? Most of us live either sitting, standing and lying down. That’s it. How do most people exercise? Sitting and standing. Think of movement choices like a movement diet. By favoring exercises while either standing or sitting over all the other positions we mentioned in #1 leaves our body deficient. 

It doesn't always have to be exercise related. Even spending time on our knees while watching our kids soccer game or while watching the waves roll in at the beach is beneficial to your body. Just like changing our eating habits, being aware of what we do on a day to day basis is the start of making a change.

3) Remember Your Goal

The developmental sequence is a powerful concept. People assume exercise means getting your ass kicked, or what’s the point. The POINT is to be strongest, most mobile human you can be to live a long, independent life. 

If you want to look, move or feel better, addressing our mobility and stability is key. Without adequate range of motion we're unable to engage all of our muscle groups appropriately. So, if you like medicine ball tosses, do them kneeling. If you want a stronger core, crawl. If you’re newer to exercise and want to build fundamental strength and stability, do some bridges.


Exercise can be an incredible experience. Just like dieting doesn't have to be just chicken and salad, exercise doesn't have to be just treadmills and bicep curls. Get a well rounded "diet" of movement, not just sitting or standing. Exercise on your back, on all fours and kneeling. Go kayaking, paddle boarding and hiking. We get so stuck in our day to day lives that, even just a little movement outside of our normal routine, can have huge benefits in the way we feel day to day.

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