Comfort and Capability: Take Aways from Testing

Progress comes from discomfort. 

Whenever we’re trying to make strides in life, whether it’s asking that special person on a date or running the furthest we ever have, there’s a feeling of “I don’t know about this.” Even at a gym like Results Driven, where coaches are always there, there’s still a level of questioning that goes on.

That’s what we found during our first round of testing for the Strength Academy. There was a thin layer of anxiety in the air, and that’s ok! It’s expected, and it’s interesting for us as coaches to see how people perform under pressure. So, whether you’re a member or not, here are a few things to think about when it comes to your own training.

1) Imagine, you’re walking down a dark alley late at night. It’s deathly silent. You hear a snap behind you. A quick turn reveals, a SPREAD SHEET! NOOO! 

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Testing is just another piece of information. It’s not going to mug you. As coaches, we don’t want this to turn into a point of stress for people. Data tells us A) you’re crushing it, B) some tweaks need to be made, or C) maybe a “come to Jesus moment” is in order. It’s just information. Which leads us to our next point.

2) What’s the next step? Data gives us insight on how to proceed. Without information, you don’t really know? Do you stay the course? Are you going in the completely wrong direction? If you owned a restaurant, but no one gave their opinion on the food, how do you know if it tastes good or not?

Data provides feed back which is meant to be helpful. Measuring performance, work capacity and power gives us another point to coach from. Just like how food journaling, the FMS, or My Zone help us coach you, let these “tests” of farmer’s carry, tall kneel chest pass and bike sprint allow us to guide you to your next big break through. So, have fun! You're bettering yourself!

3) You’re more capable than you think. In the gym, there are just some things that we don’t work hard enough at. It’s not because we suck, but because we don't know we’re capable.

It’s important to keep in mind that, in order to progress, you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. 

This is a classic “gym” thing to say (Don’t read: Do everything until you puke). We want you to recognize the opportunities you have to progress, safely. All of these tests are great examples of this. If strength is your goal, the farmers carry is hands down one of your biggest tools. Self auditing yourself allows for safe progression. Can you walk smoothly while breathing? Can you maintain posture? Yes? Cool! Try picking up something a little heavier next time. Not because YOU NEED TO LIFT HEAVY THINGS, but because this is an easy place to gain strength, with a low likely-hood of injury. Doesn't that sound nice?

So take this as an opportunity to discover YOU ARE CAPABLE. Take the opportunities in life to be evaluated so you know you’re moving in the direction you want. Like Joseph Campbell said, “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” Reap the riches of your mistakes. Constantly evaluate. Don’t be scared. You’re capable.

Have Fun Getting STRONG!

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