Coaches Corner: Violet vs. Gravity

“I took the StrongFirst Bodyweight course because I want to get stronger myself and bring more to my clients, and I feel like I got that.” - Coach Violet

Violet, affectionally referred to as “Bone Crusher,” is a 2 1/2 year RD veteran. Beginning with the 2014 “New Year, New You” Challenge, Violet has made great strides in her health and fitness. She’s gone from not exercising in years, to consistently attending 6am classes and becoming an RD Coach. She’s reduced her blood sugar and cholesterol with regular exercise. Violet has also deadlifted 175 pounds for 5 reps and has one of the best kettlebell swings at RD. All of this at an age where most people feel life is over.

Coach Violet and Master SFG Phil Scarito.

Coach Violet and Master SFG Phil Scarito.

“Phil just makes you feel like you can.”

In the quest to increase her knowledge and bring more to her clients, Violet recently attended a StrongFirst Bodyweight (SFB) course outside of Philadelphia. The “Phil” she’s referring to is Phil Scarito, Master SFG and SFB instructor and mentor to the entire RD staff.

SFB teaches body weight training as opposed to kettlebell or barbell training. At the SFB course, participants learn the one arm push-up, pistol (one leg squat), L-sit pull-up and hang to toes to bar. By creating tension in the body, strength becomes more accessible. Learning these techniques has made push-ups a movement Violet has become proficient in. “I felt like I lost 20 lbs, just by transferring my weight from my hands to my heels. When you start to feel confident, your body doesn’t weigh so much.” Now the one-arm push-up is on her radar. 

Violet’s attention to mindset is also something that makes her valuable to our members:

“Sometimes we can’t do an move because we can’t move it in our head. And so, to transfer those thoughts out of ‘I don't know if I can. I’m afraid,’ to ‘I’m going to try and I will,’ I think that’s an important place to come to.”

She understands this because she’s been there. Joining the “New Year, New You” Challenge almost didn’t happen. Violet was lucky enough to be sitting next to another new member at the time, who encouraged her to participate, became her team mate and ultimately a good friend. Doubt is a normal place for anyone to come from when they first start something new, but it’s important to keep in mind that with patience you can do anything.

“I can’t do a one arm push up yet, but I’m going to practice, and if you want to come along with me, I’d be happy to show you how.”

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