Clean Up, Clean Up! Fitness Choices and Your Goal


That has nothing to do with this post, but it feels right. Remember that guy?

Any-who, there are so many damn fitness choices! Just within a 5 minute walk of our location there’s a kickboxing studio, a spin studio, a yoga studio and a crossfit gym and a small personal training outfit.

If you go to a commercial gym there are lots of choices too! Ab, back, arms and cardio day, your rest day, there’s zumba, body pump and maybe even a pool.


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How do you know what’s the best choice to get you where you want to go?!

Follow these 5 steps!

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1) What’s your goal?

If you don’t have a clear goal, you’re spinning your wheels. “Oh, I’d like to be more toned, but I’d also like to be strong and my doctor wants me to lose weight to help control my cholesterol.”

You’re not alone if this is you, but pick a goal, decide a time frame and measure it. For today’s argument, we’re going to talk about fat loss.

2) Does Your Choice Involve Lifting Weights?

Weight training has so many benefits it’s crazy. For the younger audience it’s going to help build muscle which tones and shapes the body. For the more mature audience, it’s great for fighting osteoporosis and osteopenia, and if done right, can help build a strong body for an independent life! When in doubt, go with something that involves resistance training.

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3) Do Some More Lifting, Faster!

HIIT training is popular. General lifting is sets and reps, but if you have more than 3 hours to spend exercising, the next 2 hours should be spent doing a higher intensity interval training circuit. Set a timer for two minutes of work one minute of rest. Choose 2 weighted exercises, 2 body weight exercises and a cardio type move (skipping, sprints, jump rope) and rotate between them for 15 to 20 minutes. Rest as needed.

4) Now Cardio!

Cardio is this far down the list on your priorities list if you’re goal is to drop fat. Here’s why. There’s an afterburn effect to lifting weights. When you compare lifting and cardio, cardio burns as much calories, if not slightly more, than lifting. The advantage lifting has when it comes to dropping fat is that it elevates your metabolism for up to 36 hours after your session. Cardio’s benefits stop shortly after.

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5) Still Got Time? Meal Prep!

Exercise is easy when we get in the swing of things. Show up, workout, leave, drink some water, sleep. Eating is the real struggle, but it’s fun at the same time! What proteins and vegetables do you like? Figure out a recipe that allows you to make a few days worth of your favorite foods at a time, then eat them!

If you’re feeling a little offended because you’ve been a cardio person your whole life, we understand. We work with a lot of runners and spinners and yogis and all that stuff. It’s all good, we’re happy you’re moving, just like saying we don’t care that you had a sandwich, we’re just glad you ate.

All exercise is not created equal. Make sure you lift, then lift things quick, then run, then eat. Oh, and make sure you set your goals!

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If you find exercise awkward and intimidating we’re here to help!

Try RD for 30 days and find a program that’s inclusive and tailored to your needs.