"Cheat" Meals at Results Driven

We don't really like to say "cheat" meals. We refer to indulging in comfort foods as "being off of the plan." 

This is the last habit we address but it's the first thing people ask. "What about 'x' (pasta, pizza, fries etc.)?" The answer: you can still have it, just in moderation.

We encourage people to be off of the plan 10-20% of their meals each week (10% if their goal is fat loss, 20ish% if they're not working on fat loss). That means, if you eat 5 times a day for 7 days (35 meals), you get 3-4 meals off of the plan each week. This could mean eating starches even if you haven't worked out. It could be pizza or wings or potato skins.

Be sure to track your food. If you're not eating 35 times per week, reduce the amount of meals you have off of the plan.

When "cheating" follow these guidelines:
1) Continue to eat as scheduled before and after
2) Eat slowly
3) Stop at 80% full

Part of the fat loss equation is exercise!

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