Hudson Valley Seafood - Local Business Spotlight - Ep4

RD’s Local Business Spotlight

Hudson Valley SeaFood – Leader in Fresh Seafood done right


Everybody that works here is really passionate about what they do and everybody wants to learn. Angelo, our head salesman, went to school for aquaculture and was a fish farmer. Jade went to school for aquaculture for an educational standpoint. Dan, our main buyer, he's been doing this for twenty-five years and he loves his job. I have a degree in environmental biology. 

People are starting to get away from the big box stores like Walmart for food. They want to know more about where their food is coming from. They want to eat healthier, especially in seafood. Nobody trusts fish. You go into grocery stores you don’t know where the fish is from.

Here, everything in our cases has got a story. I can tell you where it’s from, who caught it and how it was caught. How to store it in the cooler, how we bought it, who we bought it from. From the boat all the way through production until it ends up into our case. Every fish has a story.

We’re here. We’re honest. We have a very high turnover of our products, so everything's super fresh, all the time. We just want to give people the most for their money.

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