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Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? This week's epsidoe of the fitness show is here to answer the question, "What should I eat for breakfast?"

Growing up, the possibilities were endless! Cereal, toast, bagels, donuts, eggs, waffles, pancakes! The list goes on and on. Then we get older and we have to start making "responsible" choices. The choices tend to be 2 things: Oatmeal or eggs. Welcome to adulthood.

We're here to expand your mind! Check out this week's episode while Coach Mike explains how to think about breakfast to try to get in that first meal of the day.

The Take-Away:

1) Breakfast is Just the First Meal of the Day.

It can be whatever you want it to be! It could be your traditional eggs and such, or it could be leftovers. It's important to get that first meal in because it sparks our metabolism after a nights sleep and makes it easier for us to hit our calorie goal for the day.

2) Make it a Complete Meal.

When choosing your breakfast, try to include a complete protein (eggs, chicken, beef etc.), a vegetable and a healthy fat (yolk, avocado, nuts, seeds etc.). Breakfast is just another meal, so it should be similar to what we would recommend for lunch or dinner. 

3) If you don't have time...

Can you have a snack? We work with a lot of people who have crazy mornings. They're up early commuting or have kids that they need to manage, so breakfast isn't necessarily an easy thing to accomplish. In this case, can you have a shake, yogurt or cut up veggies. Can you make it a complete meal (protein, vegetable fat)? That first meal of the day doesn't have to be a sit down meal, is just has to happen.

With this new perspective, does it open the doors to what breakfast could be? Does it make it seem more likely that you'll eat that first meal of the day instead of waiting for lunch and living on coffee? Your microwave can be your best friend in the morning. If you have time to cook fine, but try falling back on leftovers, or a snack, if there are time restraints or hurdles.


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