Beat Stress This Holiday Season

When the holidays come around, you feel like a young Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2. Of course you love your family. But how sweet would it be for them to be away during this *sarcastic tone* oh so joyous time?

Let’s talk about stress, ba-by. Let’s talk about the Christ-mas Tree. Little Salt-N-Pepa reference, anyone? There’s increased time with family, money restrictions, guilt and food pushers. You’re busy. Every. Single. Day. You tend to relieve this stress like many others, with food and drink. Empty calories that later cause feelings of deep regret and guilt.

Take a breath!

This holiday season doesn’t have to be the same as the horror stories from your past. Check out these calorie free ways to reduce stress and keep sane this Winter!

Self-care is not Selfish!

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Beat it, Stress!

1) Endorphin Rush


What makes you feel good? Do that! A few classic ways to get an endorphin rush is to workout, gobble up your favorite (but healthy) food, laugh, do the dirty, use essential oils or eat some spicy peppers.

2) Relax!


“I am relaxed, don’t tell me to relax, you relax!”

Again, what relaxes you? Does taking the dog for a walk calm you down? Can you focus on reading or deep breathing and meditating? Or is taking a bath more your speed?

You could also quite literally take a chill pill. CBD is one of the non-psychoactive chemicals found in Cannabis that can help your body and mind relax. It’s found in many forms like capsules, drops, ointments and even seltzer! Make sure to purchase a high quality CBD.

3) Be Productive


JUST. DO. IT. (Yeah, the deed if you’re lucky). Be in the moment. Be here now. You might not want to hear it but it needs to be said. Spending too much time dwelling on your long to-do list is counterproductive. Yes, it’s okay to stop and think or rest if you need to, but if you’re stuck in that cycle of anxiety, hit pause! Where are your hands, where are your feet? Get out of your head and get going. You will feel better.

4) Escape


You’re at a holiday party. You’re going to scream if one more person tells you what you need to be doing with your life or your children’s lives. Either poison the mashed potatoes (no, we don’t normally condone violence) or simply escape. It’s much easier and less messy than a Class A felony.

Just leave. Go for a walk, say you have a phone call or go to the store. Take a timeout. Maybe that’s impossible right now. No worries, pretend you’re in Tahiti and check out last week’s post on tips to Own Your Morning.

You can’t choose your family. You can however, choose to deal with the pressure or pickup a Red Ryder. Stress can be good. But too much, especially in an emotionally charged time like the holiday season, will negatively impact your health. You don’t need to make yourself feel better with empty calories from food and spirits. Try one or several tips from above and have yourself a merry little, oh you know the rest.

Self-care is not Selfish!

You are ready for change! Try RD’s 7 Days of Fitness for FREE!

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