Back to Basics: Crawling

As adults, we tend to exist in 3 positions; standing, sitting and lying down. At Results Driven, we regularly get our members out of these postures to challenge their strength and movement capacity. Crawling is one of the ways we do that.

Crawling is a calorie burner, and done right, can get you pretty dang strong. For something “babies do,” it’s a very useful exercise, especially for someone with a smaller catalog of exercises available to them. If you want to facilitate balance and strength between right and left side, look no further than crawling.

Even though you’ve done it before, here are some pointers.

1… Start with your hands under your shoulder and knees under your hips.

2… Relax. Your spine should be in a similar posture to your standing posture.

3… Maintain your back's position as you move. Remember, you’re moving opposite limbs; right hand, left leg then left hand, right leg.

4… Place a ball, dowel or foam roll on your back to keep your hips from shifting too much. This will teach you to control your core as you move.

5… When you can crawl proficiently with the ball on your back, use your hands and feet to move. That’s really “fun.”

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