Analyzing Your Food Journal

Nutrition is a key part of any fitness journey. Tracking what you eat, analyzing it, then making a decision on the next step is how you make the change that you want to see. 

In this quick clip, Coach Ed and Coach Mike talk about the 2 avenues members follow when they're starting to track their food and analyze it. Check below for more!

The Take Away:

So you want to analyze your food journal, are you:

Surging or working on habits? If you’re working on habits:
Review habits 1, 2 and 3:
1) Eating every 2 to 4 hours;
2) Having protein with every meal;
3) Having vegetables with every meal.

Analyze each meal of each day, and note how many times you achieved that habit. Based on eating every 2-4 hours, we expect you to eat around 35x/week. Did you eat 35 meals with “X” habit? Great way to build small victories into your process or to give you a true idea of how you eat.

If you’re surging it's a similar approach. We still expected to eat every 2-4 hours, but now we want to consider habit 4, having vegetables with every meal, fruit with any meal and starches after a workout along with how many times did you have sugary foods, drinks, caloric beverages or starch NOT after a workout. 

If you had starches not after a workout, sugary foods, drinks, or caloric beverages those meals are considered “off the plan”.

Tally your total number of meals, the total number of meals off plan meals and on plan meals.
1) Add total number of meals
2) Add total number of meals with starch, sugary food or caloric beverages, then subtract starch meals after a workout
3) Divide (1) total meals by (2) number of “off plan” starch meals.

That’s your percentage of time off of the plan. The goal isn't to get "zero percent" it's to get as close to 10% over time if you're surging. If you're not surging, trying to get between 15-20% and seeing if that still helps you make progress towards your goals.

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