All the Fats: A Breakdown

Knowledge is power, right?!

Recently, Precision Nutrition posted this article Precision Nutrition’s goal is to educate people about nutrition by breaking the process into digestible parts. They encourage people to consider habits over a specific “diet,” and in the case of this article, to use visual cues to help people understand how to fill their plate.

Here’s what you need to know:

1… There are 9 calories per gram of fat.

2… There are 4 calories per gram of protein.

3… Precision Nutrition recommends 40-60g of protein per meal for men and 20-30g of protein for ladies.

4… PN recommends 15-25g of fat per meal for men and 7-12g of fat for ladies with each meal.

5… Measuring, whether visual or with a scale, is important.

So, to help our members and those of you on your fat loss journey, here’s a table of some of the protein and fat choices we recommend and how many grams of protein and fat are included.

Interesting conclusions to draw: 

1… Nuts are a decent snack, however to get the amount of protein necessary for your meal, you’d be eating anywhere from 2-3x more fat than is recommended. 

2… Turkey Breast or Cod are high in protein, but very low in fat, so plan to add fat to that meal. 

3… Ground beef and chicken thighs are the opposite. High in protein but high in fat. Be careful when adding extra fat (even salad dressing) to those meals.

4… Oils are all 14g of fat per tablespoon. Be careful and measure your fat!

5… Beans are low in fat, but low in protein per ounce. Consider them as an additive to get to your recommended protein amount per meal.

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