60 Second Fit Tip: The Deadbug

Core exercises are always a popular fitness topic...

Most people think of core training as AB training, but if you've been following Results Driven's content recently, you know that core training is so much more!

In this video, Coach Ed give you three progressions on one of our favorite core exercises, the deadbug. Remember, core training is really teaching the body to maintain a stable spine in the presence of moving limbs. What better place to start than here?! Tips below!

1… Set up on your back with your knees stacked over your hips, arms reaching for the sky.

2… With a mini-band around your wrists, stretch the band as march your left leg to the floor.

3… Come back to your start position, continuing to keep the body still and the band stretched.

4… Relax, rinse and repeat.


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