60 Second Fit Tip: Mini-Bands 3-Ways

The mini-band from Perform Better is a cheap, effective tool to kick people's butts safely. We use them in a variety of ways to get members stronger.  

Check out Coach Mike's tips for using this simple piece of equipment and see below for exercise tips!

Exercise Tips:

Deadbug with Mini-band:
1) On your back, put the mini-band around the arch of your feet.
2) Keeping your the small of your back close to the floor, reach one leg and the opposite arm away from one another.
3) Only reach as far as you can while keeping your low back close to the floor.

Mini-Band Lateral Walk:
1) Place the band on your lower leg between your knee and ankle. The lower it is, the worse it feels!
2) Start with your feet hip width apart.
3) Walk sideways, driving your knees out as you walk. Don't let the band collapse your knees in.

Mini-Band for Assistance:
1) Set up in your exercise position (split squat, single leg deadlift, eccentric step down).
2) Apply pressure to the band as you perform the exercise.
3) Maintain breath and keep stretching!

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