60 Second Fit Tip: Foot Health

A lot of us complain about foot discomfort. Stiff, achy feet are too common. What if feeling better was as easy as doing some simple exercises?

Check out these 2 tips for improving your foot health and scroll below to learn more!

Improve Foot Function By:

1) Removing socks and shoes then moving or exercising:

Our feet, just like the rest of the body, benefit from moving through full ranges of motion. Removing your socks and shoes allows the toes some breathing room and gives our foot a change to get out of the confines we place them in.

2) Following the Exercise Above:

By massaging the sole of your foot and then stretching your toes, you're starting to influence the tissue of your foot. Our cells turnover every 200 or so days. By taking care of your foot, in half a year you could start making progress on creating healthier feet.

3) Considering Toe Spacers:

This one's a little out of the box, but roll with us. The shape of your shoes influence the shape of your foot. Big toes or pinky toes that turn in are not healthy appendages. Buying toe spacers, something like what you'd find at Walgreens, can influence your foot tissue to start correcting itself. 

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