5 Systems, 1 Goal: Results Driven's Training Systems

We are not trend setters. We are not reinventing the wheel. RD is just different. We take the most effective training systems and combine them to get members to their goals. Whether they want to lift heavy things, get out of pain or lose fat, these systems allow us to assess the individual, choose the correct starting point, and move the member safely towards their goals.

Check out Coach Ed's brief explanation of the systems that drive us, then read below.

Here's a breakdown of the systems we use to get people RESULTS!

1) The Functional Movement Screen

Every persons story at Results Driven starts with a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). Created by physical therapists, this 7 movement assessment helps us understand how each person moves. By understanding how they move, we're able to guide them towards exercises that are appropriate for them.

These "appropriate" exercises are not based on the individuals experience level, but based on the way their joints function together. Over time, following these corrective exercise strategies, people tend to feel better, their posture improves, and they're able to move with more freedom.


2) StrongFirst

StrongFirst is the company we rely on for our strength training principles. They preach quality over quantity which is the main difference between us and many other gyms. By using the FMS, then following the StrongFirst system, we have a highly effective one-two punch to get people strong, safely. 

At Results Driven, we use a lot of full body exercises, including squats, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups. StrongFirst helps us coach these movements effectively through their certifications and user courses. For our members, our 3 StrongFirst certified instructors share the knowledge they've learned with the rest of our coaches to make our entire staff top notch.


3) Functional Range Conditioning

"Make joints move nice." - Dr. Andreo Spina

The FMS gives us our groundwork for assessing a persons movement. StrongFirst helps us build strength. FRC gives us an effective approach to creating mobility.

Functional Range Conditioning is like stretching on steroids (not literally, but kinda). CARs exercises (CARs=Controlled Articular Rotations) isolate certain joints, like the shoulders or hips, to teach the nervous system what its accessible range of motion actually is. Additional tension strategies help members gain new mobility and then lock it down. Over time, their mobility improves, making them more resilient to injury. 


4) Precision Nutrition

Habits. Habits. Habits.

PN gives us our approach to coaching members towards a healthier way of eating and it's all through habit change. We don't promote a certain "diet" here. We give our members "rules of the road." Suggestions like "eat every 2-4 hours," "have protein with every meal," and "save starches for after a workout," are all from PN.

This makes fat loss more sustainable. There's no meal plan to fall off of, it's a life long process of learning to eat frequently, favoring whole foods, to reach a healthier body fat percentage.  A member described it as, "a game changer," shifting her mindset from a diet to habits. It allows clients to enjoy the foods they want, in a mindful fashion, to make weight loss less daunting.


5) Training = Rehab

Although not a set system, the "Training Equals Rehab" philosophy has changed our style of training forever. Physical Therapist Dr. Charlie Weingroff developed the idea that the PT and trainer can work together to get people feeling better. Rehabilitation comes through assessment by a medical professional, followed by appropriate exercises to move the needle in the right direction. With this approach, a competent trainer can be very useful in helping people overcome injuries.

This concept is where we're able to help a lot of people traditional gyms can't. Just because a person has an injury doesn't mean they're not able to workout. As long as the person avoids painful exercises, and communicates with a coach, they can still drop fat and improve their fitness. No longer to our members sit on the couch with injuries. They come in, we refer them to a manual therapist, then we work with the therapist to understand the issue at hand and what to avoid until the client is cleared. This is truly a game changer.


5 systems... 1 goal. RESULTS! Like we said before, we are not trendsetters. We're simply combining systems that are proven to help our members towards their goals. We assess their movement, get them moving better, increase their strength and help them eat healthier. It all happens between these 4 walls.

You don't have to understand how it all works, but believe us when we say we are dedicated to your process. These systems allow us to individualize your experience so you feel competent, capable and motivated to reach your goals. 

Let Results Driven Help You Reach YOUR Goals!

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