5 Strategies for Eating Every 2 to 4 Hours


Becoming healthier doesn't happen by chance. There's a lot of trial and error involved, which is why most people don't stick to it. You're going to hit your goals but only if you keep going when you fall short. As long as you keep trying, you win!

Statistics suggest it takes anywhere from 21-200 days to make something a habit. Seems like a long time, but, do you plan to be alive in 200 days? Probably, right? Then why not commit yourself to making a change!

RD wants to help. Here are 5 tips to implement to help make meal prep easier.

1... Plan Your Menu

Make a list of each meal of the week. If you eat 3 times a day, decide what you're going to eat for 21 meals. Then, list your ingredients. Put your vegetables, meats, and other ingredients together to make shopping as efficient as possible. There's nothing more satisfying than a quick food shopping trip.

2... Plan to Prep, Plan to Cook

Now that you've shopped, prep and cook. This doesn't have to happen at the same time or the same day. Some RD members chop their breakfast vegetables for the whole week on Sundays. They might also make a few meals. The point is, plan and execute. You already made your menu, get everything ready.

3... Keep it Simple

When you start trying to eat healthy, variety can become an obstacle. Trying to eat a different meal, for every meal, every day, makes things more complicated than they have to be. Choose a few vegetables you like, a few proteins, and a few snacks. Stick to that stuff. For variety, change seasonings.

4... Set Yourself Up for Success

When you're finished prepping and cooking, build your meals. Remember, you want a protein, vegetable and fat with each meal. Fill your containers with your food, and store it for later in the week. No more, "I don't have time" in the morning before work. You're already set!

5... Plan meals you can make in bulk

Think chili, stew, soup, chicken/pork/beef and vegetables. Utilize your crock pot or casseroles. Make as much as you can at once. An object in motion stays in motion. If the oven roasting a chicken, throw the vegetables in when it's time. Bake your sweet potatoes too. 

If these tips sound too daunting, you're not alone. Yes, there are total ROCK STARS out there who pick up on this stuff quickly. Most of us however, will make mistakes and struggle. That's ok! This is not a sprint, this is a marathon. Results Driven coaches have been working on this stuff for up to a decade and we still fall short sometimes. There is no perfect, just adjusting and forging ahead! Enjoy the amazing food you're about to make and the change in your body and mind. You deserve it.