$5 Fitness | The Fitness Show

Hey guys, Coach Mike here. I love our members and former members, but this week's show was inspired by someone sharing a fitness app on Facebook.

We take our jobs very seriously here, that's why when we see B.S. apps or articles or cleanses or quick fixes, it's very frustrating. We have to think to ourselves, “how many people get tricked by these kinds of things?”

Our goal is to empower people and give them an exercise program that's right for them and their bodies. When people try programs like the app the was shared, and they either work for a short time or they don’t work at all, they perpetuate the cycle of self-sabotage and people start thinking to themselves, “Oh well I guess fitness just isn’t for me.”

Fitness already has a bad rap from the years of abusive programs, body shaming and quick fixes that perpetuate the "fitness isn't for me" mindset. Apps and social media have now given fitness a new spin. Cheap, even free, programs tout amazing results, but rarely are an effective plan, at least in the long term.

We don't blame people for looking for the right solution, that's part of the process, but the goal of this episode was to give people a few guidelines when choosing a fitness solution. 

So if you've read this far, here are 3 things to consider when you're looking to get fit!

1. Is it a complete fitness solution?

Can they at the very LEAST offer you ongoing support? The biggest service we offer here is guidance. Fitness is a life time effort, and there are bound to be bumps in the road. Can the program you're choosing help you when you've lost motivation or something doesn't feel right?

We don’t expect people to be members forever, but we’re excited to give them the tools to become the strongest human they can possibly be for as long as they are alive and well. If they leave, our hope is that they took away some strategies that they can use forever. We're also more than happy to give them support, whether a member or not.

2. Is it a place you actually want to be?

Most people enjoy a little camaraderie. Why can’t that apply to fitness? Knowing other people are expecting you to come to class holds you accountable and makes working out a little more fun. Even if it’s an online group, try to find a program that has a community aspect.

3. Is it tailored to you?

Ask yourself, "Is the program geared to someone of your experience level?" "Can the coach or online professional make a substitution when something doesn’t feel right?"

Infomercial style programs tend to be high-intensity, ass-kicking programs. The instructor may give a substitution if a movement is too advanced, but who knows if you’re doing it right or safely? Hopefully, any program you choose has an actual human on the other end that’s ready to help you exercise safely.


Ask yourself these questions before you start your next fitness endeavor, or at least before you fully invest your time or sign a long-term contract. These criteria, in our opinion, are CRITICAL to people being successful. Being in an environment you enjoy, that can help you or has the connections to help you and that can tailor the fitness program to you makes all the difference.

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