5 Core Moves You're Not Doing Vol. 1

What's one of the first things anyone sees in a "fitness" photo?


There's a difference between your "abs" and your "core." Abs come from eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep and working out 3-5x a week (for most people). Your core is the column from your ears to your knees and is the center of all of your strength. A strong core doesn't mean you have abs and ripped abs doesn't mean you have a strong core.

For most of our members they WANT abs but they NEED a strong core. It supports their back. It allows them to lift things safely. It gives them a higher quality of life. Almost every movement at RD is a "core" movement, but since it doesn't feel like a crunch, they don't know they're improving their lives one rep at a time.

If living a better life is a goal of yours, add these core moves to your routine.

1... StongFirst Plank


Turn your plank on fire with these tips.

1… Start in your belly, with your elbows on the floor and feet shoulder width apart. 

2… Pick your knees off the floor to find the traditional plank position.

3… Ramp up the tension by squeezing your butt, quads and fists as hard as you can.

4… Drive your elbows into the floor and try to drag them to your toes. Pull your toes to your elbows.

5… With each breath, get tighter until your body feels like stone. Hold, then relax.


2... Deadbug

1… Set up on your back with your knees stacked over your hips, feet perpendicular to your knees, and hands reaching for the sky.

2… Keep your right hand and left leg still, as you extend your left hand and right leg out straight.

3… Come back to your start position and replicate on the other side, remembering to keep your other limbs still.

4… Turn up the heat by driving the small of your back down into the floor. If you feel the lower back come up, stop just before that spot, pause, then return to your start position.



3... Quadruped Diagonal

1... Begin with hands under shoulders and knees under hips.

2... Take a deep breath in, then extend your arm and leg away from one another.

3... As you reach, drive the heel back for the wall behind you. Resist pointing your toe.

4... Lock out the quad and butt, and reach your finger tips and heel away from one another.

5... Find your start position and go again.


4... Halo

1... Clamp the rib cage on to your abdominals. One knee up, one knee down.

2... Start with the bell upside down, with the heavy part in front of your face.

3... Turn the bell sideways by your ear, then behind your neck, then by your other ear, then back out in front.

4... Next, go back the way you came.

5... Continue alternating on direction, then the other, focusing on keeping the core engaged.


5... Goblet Carry

results-driven-STIM goblet Carry facebook ad_Fotor.jpg

1... Hold a kettlebell "by the horns" (the section of the handle where it meets the round part of the bell).

2... Keep the elbows tight to the body and the bell in front of the heart.

3... Hold the bell a few inches from your chest and don't let the weight pull your shoulders forward. Keep them wide. 

4... Find the connection between your ribs and hips. It's normal to want to lean back to counter-balance the weight. Instead, take a deep breath and brace your core.

5... Stay tall, shoulders wide. Reach the top of your head for the sky like someone is pulling you towards the ceiling. Then, go for a walk.


These exercises are not meant to take the place of other exercises you do. They're supplemental exercises you can do to help improve other other movement qualities. At Results Driven, we pair an upper body and lower body exercise and then add in exercises like the ones above to round out the set.

Whether you're picking up dog food, carrying a child or just want to lift heavier weights in the gym, core stability is massively important. Taking the time to step back and learn to control your core will allow you to continue to stay safe and increase your strength. Enjoy!

Getting stronger is simple... but not easy!

Trust Results Driven to help you get strong, safely.

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