4 Simple Wellness Hacks

Everyday We Find Another “Healthy” Thing We Can Add To Our Routine.

The list can go from brushing our teeth with activated charcoal, taking cold showers, and oil pulling to simply drinking apple cider vinegar. Sure we can make ourselves crazy with tips and trends, but are we doing the basics?

Here Are 4 FREE Things You Can Do To Start Optimizing Your Health:

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1) Know Your Triggers

It’s easy to look a box of cookies and say “I’ll just have one”, but when does that EVER happen?! If you know your triggers, make the conscious decision to leave the cookies out of the shopping cart. Now, that doesn’t mean never have a cookie again, but maybe wait until you have enough willpower and self control to not overindulge.

2) Drink Water

About 50-75% of the body is made of water, so it’s important to drink it. An easy water hack is to front load the day. Drink 16oz of water first thing in the morning. This can help us get enough water in for the day, especially if we have careers that do not allow for many water (or pee) breaks! Front loading water can also help with digestion. Hydrating earlier in the day, means we can drink smaller amounts the rest of the day to reach our water goal. Not having too much to drink around meal times helps digestive enzymes work more effectively!

3) Get Your Sleep

If we’re getting less than 6 hours per night, we may be sabotaging our body composition efforts! Find a relaxing, night time ritual. Consider drinking Sleepytime tea, reading a book, meditation, using essential oils, or even watching TV! An easy way to fall asleep quickly is to use your breath. Take a deep inhale for four counts, hold it for seven, and then exhale for eight counts. This 4-7-8 breathing technique will kick on the Parasympathetic Nervous System and allow your body/mind to relax.

4) Allow The Body To Recover

It’s simple but not easy. Find something that you love and do it daily! All the classics apply; walking a pet, breathing exercises or meditation, even more sleep can help us recover. Chronic stress takes a toll on the whole system, so finding something that counteracts the stress can have huge rewards. Anything that makes us feel fulfilled, de-stressed, and happy can be used to recover the body (and mind) between workouts. Have fun and let the body rest!


Keep in mind, if these sound "hokey," and too easy to be effective, try them! The more times someone says, "no," the less likely they are to succeed. Choose one and try it for 2 weeks. What do you have to lose?!

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Are You Eating "Mindfully?"