3 Strategies for Fitness Success

How can we make time for fitness in our busy lives?

You've tried gyms, tapes, ab machines, stepping, running, biking and yoga with ribbons and bubbles. You've had fun but you stopped when you fell short of your goal and figured it wasn't worth the time any more. Defeated, you're back to the couch looking for a solution.

Most of the time it's not the people participating in the program, it's the program and the method that are flawed. The system wasn't set up to give you the tools to succeed. Instead of being concerned about the busy adults in their class who are screaming "JUST GET ME IN MY JEANS!" they're focused on making sure you know how important all the letters are at the end of their name.

So, how can this time be different? Here are 3 tools to apply to your next fitness endeavor! 


So how can we be successful?

1) Make Fitness a Priority

Even if it's uncomfortable at first, try squeezing it in. We have members who's only "free" time is 5:45am. So, what do they do? They make it in at 5:45am. Now, 5:45am might feel like an extreme example to some, but it's all relative. What time can you make for yourself during the day? Right after work? After dinner? Lunch time? Decide it's a priority, then hack your schedule.

2) Set a Workout Frequency

How much effort would it take to reach your goals? A lot of our members are people who worked out in the past. When they think of "making time" for fitness, they think that means sacrificing 10-15 hours a week sweating at the gym, away from family and other responsibilities. That's not the case anymore!

3-5 hours of resistance training is all most people need. At Results Driven, that means 3 to 5 one hour workouts a week. Find a coach for guidance if you're not confident in your lifting knowledge to get a baseline understanding of what to do, then check back in as needed. Can you carve 3-5 hours out of your week? We bet you can!

3) Favor Resistance Training Over Cardio

Like we said in #2, commit to 3 to 5 hours of resistance training a week. Now, movement is movement, so if you like running or yoga or kayaking, rock on. With that being said, a lot of people's goal is to improve their body composition. Resistance training is the most effective way to build lean muscle mass and elevate the metabolism.

In the article The Hierarchy of Fat Lossthe author explains that when time is a factor, prioritize correct nutrition and activities that promote building lean muscle, burning calories and elevating the metabolism, aka resistance training. The science is there. So again, find a coach to learn the fundamentals.  

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