3 Nutrition Hacks | The Fitness Show

We're in the middle of Super U, a 6 week program meant to give our members the tools they need to be their best-selves. During this time, we throw a lot of nutrition information at them, but if there were only three to follow, what would they be?

In this episode, we talk the 3 habits out of the 10 that we think would help people the fastest. After that, we're helping you build upper body strength with the inverted row! Notes below!

The Take-away:

Segment 1: Nutrition Hacks

First, address the prerequisite nutrition habits:

1) Address hydration. If you're not adequately hydrated, the cells in your body cannot function optimally, which will make it harder to reach your fitness goals. It's also hard to tell the difference between hunger and mild dehydration. Being under hydrated could lead to less self control with regard to your food choices.

2) Eat slowly and stop at 80% full.  You can eat all the right foods, but if you eat too much, you’ll have trouble making changes in your body composition. By eating slowly, chewing thoroughly, and being mindful while eating you’ll allow your body to tell you when enough is enough.  

Then address primary nutrition habits:

1) Eating every 2-4 hours. This helps keep blood sugar levels consistent. When people skip meals, or have big gaps between meals, and then follow it up with a large meal, they're more likely to have large peaks and valleys with your blood sugar.  If you are trying to drop fat, or gain muscle without adding unnecessary fat, we want to keep blood sugar levels more consistent throughout the day. This can help with energy levels and make it more likely you have some will power later in the day to make good choices… at least from a nutrition standpoint.(M)

2) Avoiding beverages with more than 0 calories. This sounds kinda dumb, right? Isn’t the only thing that’s zero calories water? Well yes and no. Water is zero calories, but so is tea or coffee, if we don’t add anything to them. This habit asks people to avoid or at least be mindful of the classic choices of soda, sweetened ice tea, alcohol, and coffee or tea with milk/sugar. Even though we’re not directly calorie counting, these are just empty calories that should be avoided.

3) Managing Carbs. Through the Precision Nutrition System, we want members to have vegetables with every meal, fruit with any meal, and save their starchy carbs for after workouts. Starchy vegetables like certain squashes, then your classic starches like bread pasta, rice, quinoa and potatoes all fall under this category. Again, if we demonized carbs and told you NEVER EAT THEM AGAIN, would that work in the long run? Probably not. By giving you the most optimal time to have them, you can still work the starchy foods that you love into your diet AND using them to help build muscle and fuel recovery.

By taking these habits, eating frequently, drinking only zero calorie beverages and planning carbs after your workouts, these would be the three most valuable habits for people to adopt to make changes in a shorter amount of time. After the 6 weeks, we ask members to do a habits audit.  Go through the list of habits, in order, and start to work on the first one that you don’t have a firm grasp on.  If eating every 2-4 hours is now a habit that feels sustainable, then work on having protein with every meal, then vegetables with every meal to help them build a well rounded diet for a long, healthy life.

Segment 2: The Inverted Row

1) Grab the handles and walk back until you are standing tall with straight arms and the straps of the suspension trainer are tight.
2) Lean back and walk your feet forward until you are at the desired depth.
3) Maintain a straight line from your feet to the top of your head.
4) Pull the handles back until your elbows are next to your sides.
5) Slowly push the handles away with the same tension until your arms are straight.

The Finer Points:

- Think about scraping your elbows on the floor to avoid shrugging your shoulders up.
- Avoid flaring your ribcage by bringing your myzone and belt buckle closer together.  If you don’t have a myzone, think trash compactor abs.
- If you have trouble maintaining this position, squeezing a yoga block or rolled up shirt between your thighs can help engage your core.
- Shoot for 15 reps.
- If you can’t complete the desired amount of reps, simply walk back slightly to lessen the resistance.
- When you can hit 15 reps with good form, walk further forward to make it more challenging.
- Once you get to the point that your cannot perform the move without your feet sliding out of position, increase the intensity by progressing to the bent-leg inverted row.


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