Not Sure What to Eat?

Not Sure What To eat?
Here’s how to make a meal…

“How much can I eat of this?”
“Am I allowed to have that food?”
“I want to lose weight, but does that mean no carbs?”

All of the questions above are reasonable, useful and important. Once you’ve started working out, it only makes sense to audit what, when and how you’re eating.


We’re here to make this easier on you, your brain and your tastebuds…

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Anytime Meals:
Lean protein + Healthy Fats + Vegetables = An Anytime Meal

“Math, cool. So what’s that actually about?”

Proteins are one of the building blocks of food, and well, you. You need protein to live, function and to have effective workouts. Healthy fats help lower inflammation levels, keep you fuller for longer and make your meals tasty. Veggies are a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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Post-Workout Meals:
Lean Protein + Carbs + Healthy Fats = A Post-Workout Meal

Again, protein will help you function in and out of the gym. Carbohydrates help your body recover quicker from a tough workout and are delicious/the best/from Heaven. Healthy fats keep you satiated and help inflammation markers stay low.


“Great. So how much of each thing can I eat?”

You can go about this one of two ways. Using the hand measuring system as a starting point is a great idea for most…

portion sizes-01.png

Here’s how it works:

For Women:
1 palm-sized portion of protein
1 thumb-sized portion of fats
1 fist-sized portion of veggies
(and if P-WO, 1 cupped hand-sized portion of carbs).

For Men:
2 palm-sized portions of protein
2 thumb-sized portions of fats
2 fist-sized portions of veggies
(and if P-WO, 2 cupped hand-sized portions of carbs).

Another way to know your food amounts per meal is by weighing it with a food scale or reading the labels they come in. After you’ve found out how many ounces that chicken is or what a tablespoon of peanut butter is, use the macro key below…


For Men:
Protein: 15-25g/meal
Fats: 15-25g/meal
Carbs: 20-30g/meal

For Women:
Protein: 20-30g/meal
Fats: 7-12g/meal
Carbs: 20-30g/meal


So there you have it folks, two ways to put meals together that don’t involve scoops, dollops or “Eh, that looks good”’s. Enjoy creating healthy meals!

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The first step is the hardest…

but RD has your back!


In the first 30 days we can help you…


Make Time For Fitness

Set a Baseline


Exercise Safely

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Learn Lean Eating Habits


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"I just look at my wife and my two daughters, who are what I live for. And that's what working out means to me. Stay here for a while, enjoy life, enjoy your family, and move forward." — Wilson of Monroe, NY

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