A Simple Guide to Sugar

A Simple Guide to Sugar

Breakfast = Some sort of pastry, starchy carb with maple syrup or sugary cereal.
Lunch = Burger and fries with ketchup.
Snacks = Granola bars, energy drinks and candy.
Dinner = Pasta with cream sauce and wine.

What do all of the meals above have in common? S-U-G-A-R!

We live in a country where sugar is available to mostly everyone in the form of processed food. Even the organic non-GMO gluten free cookies are still cookies!

Regardless of what kind of sugar you’re consuming, the amount is the real problem.

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Here’s Your Guide to Sugar:


Following Precision Nutrition’s (PN) guidelines, you may eat fruit with any meal. Now, does this mean you HAVE to eat fruit with breakfast, lunch and dinner? No. But fruit is high in nutrients and fiber, and tends to be a better choice than many other foods. With that being said, the low-carb fruits are berries, green apples and plums. Fruits to look out for if you’re avoiding high amounts of sugar are bananas, grapes and mangoes.


If weight loss is your goal, the PN habits call for starchy carbs to be eaten only after exercise. This practice can ensure that you don’t overeat processed carbs like breads, cereal and pasta. If you’re already only having starches after a workout, try eating those that are closer to nature like rice, sweet potatoes or any variety of squash.


These are to be limited and only eaten in moderation if possible. It’s a good idea to slowly wean yourself off of certain sugary foods and drinks, especially if you’ve been consuming them for a while. Say you have coffee with creamer and sugar every morning. A good way to limit your sugar consumption is to slowly peel back how much you put in that cup of Joe. After that becomes habit, go for the creamer.


Although it’s tasty and fun, alcohol has really no nutritional value to it. If you’re absolutely going to drink (hey, no judgement) try light-colored or clear alcohols like vodka or blanco tequila on the rocks or with seltzer. Skip the sour mixes, syrups, wine and beer!


If you can reduce the amount of sugar you eat, you may feel (h)angry at first, but the rewards will outweigh the costs. Pick one area to start and work from there. Changing your eating habits and lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. And as always, the less processed food you have on your plate, the better.

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