Not Eating Enough Veggies?

Not Eating Enough Veggies?

Here’s How to Make Them Actually Taste Good

By: Jenna Davidson

How can you expect your children to enjoy eating vegetables if you don’t?

You know they’re good for you. They have lots of so called phytonutrients and and fiber and stuff. Still, a lack of green in every other meal. Working up to 5 servings of veggies daily is hard if you don’t know how to cook them! And you may not realize that eating plants can actually be a delicious (and healthy) experience!

Find Veggies Offensive? These Methods Will Help to Change Your Mind!




This method is perfect if you’re short on time and don’t feel like “cooking” so to speak. It’s minimal work and clean up. You can pop halved brussel sprouts or any sort of (peeled, cubed) squash into the oven and just let them do their thing. Adding a healthy fat like olive or coconut oil into the mix with some salt and pepper (S&P) is an easy and delicious way to round out any boring meal.


“Yay, kale!” –No One Ever.
Okay, okay. Are there those who have an affinity for kale eating? Yes. Are you one of those people? Maybe not. But that’s okay… One way to make kale not only tolerable but tasty, is to air fry it! Anyone who has an air fryer knows, it’s a real gift from the Healthy Food Gods. Make kale chips by separating the stem and leaves, adding olive oil and then some S&P or your favorite seasoning. Do the same with any veggie you can cut into more thin slices.


What’s better than BBQ in the Summertime? Um, nothing. Try marinating some asparagus and zucchini ahead of time and plopping them on the grill beside your protein. Bam, instant meal.


You can turn cauliflower into anything… A yummy way to get some starchy carbs and veggies in one shot is to mix together cooked cauliflower and butternut squash. Add some high quality butter and whatever milk you like to make this dish super creamy and mashed potato-like.


If you have food going already on the stove, take out the sauté pan, drizzle some cooking oil (or use spray if you don’t want any added fats) and cook away! Add whatever flavor your heart desires about halfway through the cooking time - sour, spicy or sweet.


It’s okay to not love vegetables more than other foods. But if you can add them into your diet at a reasonable pace, your body will thank you and you’ll feel better about doing healthy things for yourself!

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