Tips for Making Healthy Eating Less Expensive

Tips for making healthy eating less expensive

What do organic strawberries, honey from New Zealand and that fermented bubbly drink called kombucha all have in common?


So we ask “Does healthy eating have to be expensive?”

Although we generally believe that you get what you pay for, some foods can be made cheaper. You don’t have to buy the $9 bottle of cold brew coffee concentrate or that $6 jar of organic peanut butter.

If the thought of spending ALL of your hard-earned money on health food makes you twitchy, check out the tips below:

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1. Don’t avoid buying produce because it isn’t organic.

What’s wrong with frozen fruit? It may not be “fresh”, but it still has a good amount of nutrients, lasts longer and tastes delish!

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2. Shop at farmers markets.

Most towns have markets throughout the summer, fall and even winter. This gives you an opportunity to buy quality produce (some organic, some not), support local businesses and feel closer to what you’re going to eat.

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3. Did someone say “Costco”!? Buy in bulk.

That four pound bag of avocados (Why do you need so many avocados?) will cost you much less than if you were to purchase them from your regular grocery joint.


4. Keep your food simple.

Look for easy recipes that require few ingredients. Top Chef ain’t calling you anytime soon, so may as well keep it simple. Dinner can look like this: Roasted chicken, microwavable steamed veggies and homemade guacamole.


So there you have it. Four ways to make healthy eating budget-friendly. Yet another way you can make your nutrition journey easier!


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