5 Ways Exercise Improves Your Mood

5 ways exercise improves your mood

Struggling with your mood or mental health?
One, you’re not alone. Two, you have a chance to feel better.

Movement is an easy and accessible way to improve your mood and the status of your mental health.

So how can exercise help you feel better? Keep reading…

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1. Exercise helps increase positivity

Working out increases your body’s serotonin level (a feel good chemical), making you feel more positive than negative emotions.

Think about this in the grand scheme of things. If you’re working out on a daily basis, you’re less likely to be overcome by negativity and a poor mood.

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2. Exercise improves memory

Movement boosts the activity of your hippocampus in the brain. The hippocampus plays a major role in creating new memories and helps you remember old ones.

Ever notice how active healthy elderly people are? It’s because they don’t stop! Movement is the best medicine (and cheapest, by the way) for a long and happy life.

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3. Exercise promotes cognitive function

Studies show that moving throughout the day can improve your work rate and performance at work.

Getting up from your desk every hour or so to move around will help your body and mind feel better overall. Feeling better = pumping out more work = helping yourself & others. Do whatever you can, we don’t suggest getting canned because you’re running laps around the office.

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4. Exercise helps you deal with stress

Exercising daily can make you more efficient in adapting to the environment around you.

If you often feel stressed, and think vigorous exercise is the wrong choice for you, try walking outdoors a few days per week or doing a light movement routine. Any activity counts!

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5. Exercise improves brain fog

Working out stimulates a part of your brain called the ventral prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain processes emotions and is largely involved in the decision-making process.

Ever workout and feel the beautiful gift of clarity directly after? If you want to feel more “clear”, keep your body happy with nourishing movement.


If you’re looking for a rush of “feel good” chemicals, that moment of clarity after a good workout, a long-lasting life or just a difference in your overall mood throughout your work week, give your body the gift of movement.

If you need immediate help regarding your mental health, please click this link: http://mobilecrisisresponse.org


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