Eat Seasonally to Improve Your Health

Eat Seasonally to improve your health

By: Jenna Davidson

If someone told you that there was a cheaper, more sustainable and healthier way to eat food, would you believe them?

Eating seasonally has been around since, well, there have been seasons. So how’d you get so out of touch? Is picking out three-day old broccoli at a grocery store so fun that you’ve forgotten your roots (food puns, forever and always)?


The benefits of consuming freshly picked food are outstanding…


Two words...Farmer’s markets! Perusing your local grocery stands isn’t saved for just hipsters and health food nuts. Find out the days and times your surrounding towns hold their farmers markets to seek out seasonal produce. Check out farms in your area as well. Prices tend to be cheaper at the farms themselves and it makes for a nice outing that supports local business! See Orange County, NY farms and markets here!


Soil to farmers hands to your hands to your family’s mouth. So do you need another reason!? Seasonal fruits and veggies are less processed, contain more phytonutrients and most importantly, have the most quality flavors! Your body requires high amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber to work at 100%. If you’re buying seasonally (AKA locally), you’re giving your body food at it’s nutritional peak. More nourishment equals a cleaner bill of health.


Desk job by day, saving the planet by night. Non-seasonal produce requires a lot of energy and even harsh chemicals to stay fresh for purchasing. If you’re looking to lower your carbon cost, rethink your eating habits for yourself and fellow earthlings.


Here’s What to Eat in Every Season*:


SPRING: Mushrooms, parsnips, and herbs.

SUMMER: Asparagus, beets, garlic, melons, corn and peaches.

FALL: Apples, brussel sprouts, fennel, nectarines, pears and pumpkins.

WINTER: Cranberries, leeks and squash.

*List of New York produce.

We’re not saying “never shop at the store again”. And we think that eating foods close to nature is a good idea no matter where it comes from. But if you’re looking to change your relationship with food, have the best quality out there and support your community, eating seasonally is the best way to do that.

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