Does How You Eat Food Matter?

Does How You Eat Food Matter?

By: Jenna Davidson

You’ve been eating well for a while now. Counting macros and watching carbs. But still the weight won’t budge. You find yourself eating just because you have to. Enjoying your food is in the past. An act that was once a pleasurable experience is now a dull and exhausting one.

Is it possible to keep healthy eating habits and savor your food at the same time?

Easy Ways to Focus on Nutrition:

1. Eat slowly and stop at 80% full - “satisfied but not stuffed”.
2. Drink ½  of your body weight in ounces of water everyday.
3. Eat every 2-4 hours.
4. Eat complete, lean protein, veggies and healthy fats with every meal.


How to Enjoy Eating:


To help calm your autonomic nervous system and aid digestion, take 3-10 deep breaths before starting any meal. In and out through the nose, with the exhale lasting longer than the inhale.


Eating while standing over the sink is a regular occurance, right? We suggest sitting down, relaxing and limiting distractions when you eat. Whenever possible, make your mealtimes sacred. Sit down, breathe and be in your body. Mindfulness can even mean putting your phone away, turning the television off and actually being present while you eat. Take your time!


Digestion begins in the mouth. Some macronutrients in your food start to break down in the mouth through enzymes in the saliva. If you chew more, you’re also literally helping to break your food down into smaller pieces. This allows your digestive tract to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste in a more efficient way. On another note, chewing is synonymous with tasting your food. When trying to lose weight or be a healthy eater, it’s easy to forget that food is meant to be savored and enjoyed. So start chewing and indulging in the act of eating.


There are such places where you can go and eat in the dark. For a cheaper version, just close your eyes when you eat! Pay attention to anything different about how the food feels in your mouth or the flavors of each ingredient. Try using chopsticks or eating with your hands. Shoveling in food with a fork is an easy way to shorten your eating time and keep your body unsatisfied. And lastly, smell your food. Your sense of smell and taste are deeply related. Take a few huge whiffs before you dig in.


Being smart about nutrition and feeling gratified when eating can actually go hand-in-hand. Everything requires a balance of what’s practical, what’s doable on a daily basis and what will make you feel good. Learn how to eat and find yourself in that happy medium.

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