Anxious About Fitness?

Anxious About Fitness?

Here's How to Feel More Confident

By: Jenna Davidson

So you’re going to the gym for the first time in well, a while...You’re panicking on the drive over. Get in the door to find people who seem to know what they’re doing, loud music and strange devices you’ve never seen before.

It’s normal to feel anxious about fitness! Everyone has started out as a beginner. But you don’t have to feel this way forever!




Before committing to a gym or certain style of training, make sure to do your research! If you’re to start a big lifestyle change like joining a gym, it better be worth your time, money and energy. It’s also a good idea to weed out the “good” and the “bad”. What we mean is this: There’s so much information out there and it’s your job to focus on what’s going to work for you. If you have a knee injury or want to take your time learning a movement, maybe a standard treadmill or crossfit style gym isn’t the best choice. The main point is to know what you’re getting yourself into.


You wouldn’t try to fix your toilet yourself, would you? So is it a good idea to try to figure everything fitness related out on your own? Starting with a trainer or coach is the best way to go! Find someone who knows what they’re doing, wants to help you reach your goals and is supportive.


You’ve been conditioned to think many incorrect ideas about fitness throughout your lifetime. Again, there’s a lot of information and different schools of thought out there. The “no pain, no gain” mentality causes injury, burnout or even more serious health issues. So, reframe how you think a workout should look like. Be open to new things, just make sure they’re the right things!


Focus on yourself. You can compare yourself to everyone in the room, but where did they start? What’s their journey like? Chances are, other people working out with you are feeling a little self conscious too. Just do you.


Knowledge about yourself and your movement practice comes from just that, practice! Learn something new. Practice it. Practice it again and again until it’s seamless. You’ll feel confident in your body’s ability to be strong and adaptable.


You’re not weird if you feel scared about going to a gym. It’s a place where many people feel vulnerable and unsure about themselves. But if you step into the right place, you’ll be welcomed, encouraged and leave feeling confident.

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