4 Things We Learned From a Registered Dietitian

4 Things We Learned From a Registered Dietitian

By: Jenna Davidson

“What kinds of foods do I shop for?”
“How should I put my meals together?”
“Do I always have to eat meat?”

We talked to Carley Baulick MS, RD, CDN, the Retail Dietitian at ShopRite of Monroe AKA “The Fiber Pusher” and here’s what she had to say…


Here Are Some Ways to Get Into It:

Fresh produce, meat, dairy and seafood are typically located around the outside perimeter of the supermarket. When grocery shopping, the majority of your products should be fresh, whole foods found at the outside shelves of the store. When writing your grocery list, make sure that over 50% of the items are close to nature and be sure to stay as close to the list as possible. Don’t stray from the list!


The key to satisfying (but not overly satiating) meals is balance. Meals should have a protein source, good amount of veggies, a healthy carb source and healthy fats.


Have a meatless meal at least 1x/week (assuming you’re not already plant-based). Meaning, let beans or high-fiber vegetables be the star of the show. You can receive a great deal of nutrients and fiber from this type of spread. Carley is known as “The Fiber Pusher” around these parts, so be sure to eat high-fiber foods when she’s around!


All of the important information that you need to know is on the back of the  label. It’s easy to get drawn in by catchy buzz words like “all-natural” and “non-GMO”. Just make sure to turn the package over to check out the ingredient list and nutrition facts. Carley says to “Be a food detective”! Investigate all of the food that’s going into your body. Healthy grocery shopping means being aware of where your food is from and what the ingredients are.


There you have it, all of the advice you’ll need when grocery shopping and creating good meals for yourself. Be sure to pay Carley a visit next time you’re in the area. Click the link below to learn more on all upcoming events and book online

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