Eat Better Instantly with These 10 Healthy Food Swaps

Eat Better Instantly with These 10 Healthy Food Swaps

What can you do today to start the process of looking and feeling better? Is it as easy as drinking more water, getting adequate rest and moving often?

Well, yes.

But what about food? What can you eat differently today ?


Here’s a list of our favorite food swaps right now:


1. Bean Chips vs Potato Chips.

Bean chips tend to be higher in protein and fiber than regular old potato chips. These are a good choice if you’re absolutely going to eat chips. Try ones that have a short ingredient list and a somewhat decent nutrient profile.


2. Spiralized Veggies vs Pasta.

Don’t want to eat any extra starchy carbs? Try turning your favorite vegetable into a noodle! These can be bought in just about any food store already prepared, or made by an attachment on different kitchen machinery.


3. Turkey vs Beef.

Turkey tends to be more lean (less fat) than beef. Fat has the most calories out of any macronutrient, making it very easy to overeat. If you’re looking to cut back on overall calories, you can prepare the turkey with a low-fat option like cooking spray.


4. Chicken Sausage vs Regular Sausage.

Again, choosing a lower fat option will ensure you’re not taking in more calories than needed. Chicken sausage can be prepared the same way as regular sausage. Taking it out of the casing to make meatballs makes for a very tasty dinner!


5. Yogurt-based Dressing vs Regular Dressing

Yogurt-based dressings tend to be lower in calories and taste just as good! Look for them in the health food aisle.


6. Stevia vs White Sugar

A tablespoon of white sugar has about 50 calories and is highly processed. Stevia has 0 calories and is derived from a plant. Another benefit of stevia is that it comes in many different forms like liquid extract drops, on-the-go packets, powder and even the whole leaf/herb.


7. Greek Yogurt vs Regular Yogurt

What’s high in sugar and fat with little to no nutritional content? Yup, you guess it - classic store bought yogurt! Instead, look for a Greek yogurt that’s relatively low in sugar, contains more than one strain of good bacteria and is high in protein.


8. Non-Dairy Milk vs Cow’s Milk

What other mammal drinks the milk of another animal? None! One could make the argument that it’s pretty unnatural to drink milk other than your mother’s when you’re an infant. With that being said, try making your own non-dairy milk by blending flax seeds, shredded coconut or hemp seeds and water and then straining out the liquid. It’s an easy way to consume a homemade nutritious beverage.


9. Cottage Cheese vs Sour Cream or Mayo

Cottage cheese is a great alternative if you’re looking for that cheesy “comfort food” feeling. Instead of reaching for chips and dip, try making a savory cottage cheese by adding some olive oil and spices. Dip with veggies and boom, you’ve created a healthy alternative!


10. Water with Citrus Fruits vs Juice

Okay, so this doesn’t really apply to mimosas, so let’s just leave those alone for now. The Standard American Diet always calls for some type of fruit juice for breakfast. Rather than grabbing a sugary OJ first thing, try adding lemons or limes to your water! Play around with the amounts until you find what you like best and even add cucumber or mint for extra flavor!


A healthier life and better body composition lies in making consistently good choices. Try the “eat this, not that” mentality out for a spin and see where it takes you. We’re sure you’ll be happy with the results!


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