Losing Steam? Try These Protein-Packed Snacks.

Try These Protein-Packed Snacks During Your Busy Days

You’re always on-the-go. You forget to eat. Your stomach gurgles, practically yelling at you.

When you finally get home, you go for that stale donut your significant other bought two weeks ago. Your eyes light up with joy and satisfaction.

Then, reality sets in. You must’ve blacked out. “That wasn’t me!“ as you try to rationalize. And 20 minutes later, you’re hungry again.

It’s a terrible cycle. But it’s one that can be stopped. Keep reading...

Snacks About Snacking


Eating every 2-4 hours is to safeguard you. If you go more than 4 hours before your next large meal, your blood sugar isn’t steady and you run the risk of eating the first thing you see in the kitchen, and of course it tends to be the unhealthy option.


It helps you get into the habit of planning what you’re going to eat. Choosing a few snacks a day will help you eventually learn to prep your bigger meals.


Snacks give you calories. If you don’t fuel your body, especially when you’re active, it’s possible to sabotage your overall health or body composition goals.


Protein-Packed Snacks


Level 1 (Prep time = 0 - 5 minutes)

  • Cottage cheese with fruit

  • Hard-boiled egg

  • Greek yogurt - Make sure the protein content is higher than the sugar content.

  • Apple with nut butter

  • Protein bar - Go for a bar with 20+ grams of protein and a short ingredient list.


Level 2 (Prep time = 5 - 15 minutes)

Protein shake -  See the recipe below or shake up your favorite protein powder and liquid quickly using a blender bottle.


Level 3 (Prep time = 15 - 30 minutes)

Smaller prepped meal - Depending on what you already have made in the fridge, this could be as simple as throwing a protein, veggie and healthy fat into a tupperware or cooking whatever you need to so this meal is complete.

Coco Loco Coffee Protein Shake


  • 1 - 2 scoops chocolate protein powder of your choice

  • ½ - 1 cup strawberries or blueberries

  • 1 - 2 Tbs nut butter

  • 4 oz cold brew coffee concentrate

  • 1 cup of milk, non-dairy milk or water

  • 1 - 3 handfuls of spinach or kale


  1. Add all ingredients to blender.

  2. Blend/process until smooth.

  3. Sip away!

Ingredient amounts vary depending upon your sex, overall size and activity level. Look at the macros below to figure out how much of each ingredient to have in your yummy shake!


Women: 20 - 30g/meal.
Men: 40 - 60g/meal.


Women: 20 -30g/meal.
Men: 40 - 60g/meal.


Women: 7 -12g/meal.
Men: 15 - 25g/ meal.

You’re busy, we get it. Food prepping and eating all the time seems daunting and unrealistic. But as you start filling in the gaps between larger meals, a better, habit-based diet is underway! Start small and take baby steps. Increased energy and an overall better lifestyle are just a few good choices away!

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