Having A Rough Day and Want to Workout?

Having a rough day and want to workout?

Here’s what we have to say about that…

Let’s play out a few normal scenarios…

  1. Your parents are getting older and one of them takes a fall. You end up in the ER all evening into early morning.

  2. Your boss throws three hours of extra work at you right before you try to catch the train home.

  3. Your planning your best friend’s wedding and they refuse to help even the slightest bit.

What’s our point? Life happens. And boy, does it happen unexpectedly, constantly and seemingly at the worst times.

And you know what really sucks? You just started working out again after last year’s injury and now ________  is in the way! It sure feels like you’ll never lose weight or feel good ever again.

So the main question is this: Do you have to put your movement practice on hold because of your life situations?

Pick One or More:


Lack of Sleep

You lost sleep because of the kids, partying, worrying about XY&Z or Netflix, etc.


Lack of Water

You forgot to drink water today, drank last night or ate foods with high sodium amounts, etc.


Lack of Food

You didn’t pack any snacks, got slammed at work or had no money for lunch, etc.

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Excess Stress

You have past traumas, are blessed with a family history of stress or work in a stressful environment, etc.

Now do this…


Modify Your Workout In These 3 Ways


Lighten the Load

This one is easiest! Grab a lighter weight than you normally would. Pick something that will give you a training effect but won’t push it too far.


Decrease the Complexity

Regress within the same movement pattern you want to do In simple terms, do a simpler movement. If you like to kettlebell swing, but today has been a headache, do a kettlebell deadlift instead.

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Change Your Posture

No, not the classic “stand up straight” thing. We mean posture in the developmental sequence. From the top down, it’s standing, kneeling, hands and knees, and lying down. So again, if you forgot to hydrate or didn’t eat as much as you normally do, take it down a notch. Do some half kneeling battle ropes instead of a deadlift. It will be okay!

Finally, we want you to find out why this is happening because having a rough day everyday is a problem. So is there something going on in your life that’s keeping you from doing all you want and can, in and out of the gym? Address stress head on, keep track of how much water you drink daily, food journaling and keeping proper sleep hygiene habits are all needed to kick ass, always.

We get that it’s really easy to either A. Skip the gym because ________ happened, or B. Still get after it like you’re feeling 100%, although you really feel like death. Talk to a coach about your program, do what feels good and most importantly, keep moving!

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The first step is the hardest…

but RD has your back!


In the first 30 days we can help you…


Make Time For Fitness

Set a Baseline


Exercise Safely

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Learn Lean Eating Habits


Real People. Real Stories.

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“After a year of coming to RD, I know that I have more control over my health than I ever have, and I feel better…” — Samantha of Monroe, NY

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"I just look at my wife and my two daughters, who are what I live for. And that's what working out means to me. Stay here for a while, enjoy life, enjoy your family, and move forward." — Wilson of Monroe, NY

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