5 Notable Perks of Meal Prep

By: Jenna Davidson


It’s 9 p.m. You’re hungry, irritable and pi**ed off that you have no food made. Sound familiar?

Here’s the deal: meal prep is a gift you give your future self.

Self-sabotage can happen to anyone. Lessen the chances of it happening to you by preparing ahead of time...


Here are 5 notable perks of meal prep:

It’s much easier to say “no” to that bag of pretzels and the pint of Halo Top if you have 5 “clean” meals in your fridge, just waiting to be eaten. Having healthy food on hand is important for progress if you’re the person who tends to eat salad, quality meats and veggies throughout the day and then fall apart at night once you get home. Fighting temptation is even more difficult with that year-old Halloween candy in the bottom drawer of your nightstand (why is it even in there!?).

Do you snap at your favorite people when you’re really really hungry? Have you lost several friends because they can’t be around the hangry you? Meal prep is the ultimate hanger cure! When you feel like you’ll end up in a Snickers commercial, take the time to cut up some fruits and veggies, buy some good protein bars and have them available when you’re out and about.

Kids, after school activities, grocery shopping, caring for parents… the list goes on and on. So what’s your time worth to you? Probably more than you realize! Carve out some time to prepare meals each week and watch (no pun intended) yourself struggle less in terms of running around and not knowing what to eat everyday and feeling hangry (see point number 2).

Maybe it’s okay to buy that $24 artisanal personal pie every other month, but on a weekly basis, you’re A) making the pizza dude very happy and B) in need of some help. Seriously though, the cost of takeout can get high. Go food shopping once or twice a week to buy some simple ingredients for healthy/tasty meals. You’re less likely to buy food out if you know you’ve meals at home.

Macros, nutrients and food quality are all major focuses of your nutrition work, right? Cooking your own food and prepping based on how you’d like to eat is helpful if you want control over what you put into your body.


Bettering nutrition can be really hard. You have the chance to put a lot of worries aside when you prepare for those hanger outbursts, paying for tacos every other night or reaching for your kid’s giant bag of goldfish.


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