How Injury Can Improve Your Movement Practice

How Injury Can Improve Your Movement Practice

“Wait, what? Injury can actually help me improve my fitness?”

What if we said that being injured should be looked at in a positive light?

That getting hurt can help you see things you couldn’t see before.


AWARENESS - Mindfulness through movement can be cultivated with practice. If you’ve ever hurt yourself, you know how much it sucks. Being in physical pain changes your mood and everyday life. But with that, can come a great awareness for your body. You can be more in tune with what hurts and better yet, what feels good.


STRENGTH - You slipped on ice. You reached for something the wrong way. You fell off of a glacier. Whatever happened, happened. The only thing to do now is to work around it. What we always say here at RD (and we’re not trying to be funny) is “You have three other limbs, you can still workout!” Although we believe in rest when needed, your body is strong. It’s resilient and can easily adapt. Bottom line: You can still practice movement in some form while injured or in pain!


IMPROVEMENT - Now that you know it’s still okay to train, now you need to look at what went wrong. Were you overtraining or under-recovering? Did you work through slight pains and thought it was okay in the moment? Do you you have an underlying health condition? Did you have an overseen asymmetry somewhere in the body? Were you not taking care of yourself? These are things to consider when recovering from an injury. Talk to a coach or trusted professional to get the help and answers you need.


APPRECIATION - So you’ve started to heal. You feel good and you’re doing everything right. Now’s the time to savor how your body feels. Getting hurt can make you appreciate everything your body can do. It’s true that you don’t have anything if you don’t have your health!


We don’t want anyone to get hurt or feel pain. But if it happens, good can come of it. This has been said many times and in many different ways; Learning and growth derives from pain.

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