(Offbeat) Ways to Get Motivated For The Gym

(Offbeat) Ways to Get Motivated For The Gym

By: Jenna Davidson

“Who superglued my a** to the couch!?”
“But the taco truck is out today… “
“I have so much to get done in the house.”
“Maybe today will be my rest day!”

Excuses, rationalizations and reasons. Some are valid, some are self-jedi mind tricks. The hard part is sorting out which is which. When you need to rest or do chores or get your taxes done versus when you’re just feeling lazy. The easier part is getting motivated when you’re not really feeling it…


Here Are Some Ways to Get Into It:


What’s better than feeling good in a *cute* gym outfit? We say: “TREAT YO’SELF!” Buy some workout gear that you’ll feel comfortable in while exercising, think you look awesome in and that makes you want to move more often


Upbeat music and exercise go hand-in-hand. Music with a high beat per minute (BPM) has proven benefits to raise your heartrate. With that being said, create a playlist of songs that you know get you pumped to workout. If you need help building one, check out RD’s Top 20 Workout Songs.


Why does pre-workout exist? Because caffeine helps you get motivated! Wake up tired? Coffee. Afternoon slump. Tea. Not feeling the gym? CAFFEINE! As you can tell, we’re pro-caffeine here. If you know you metabolize caffeine slowly or it makes you feel too wired, maybe this tip isn’t the best for you. Make sure to drink at least 12 ounces of water for every cup of diuretic-containing beverage you have.


Bring a pal with you if you’re feeling intimidated or unmotivated! Why is it that any activity becomes less scary when you have a little support? Many places allow you to bring a friend to a workout to try the gym on for size. And you’re really killing two birds with one stone… Getting your friend to do healthy stuff with you and having an accountability partner!


We know getting motivated can be challenging some days (it happens to the best of us)! If you can troubleshoot why you’re not feeling it, and use some of the tips mentioned above, you’ll be set! Always talk to a trusted professional/trainer/coach if you consistently need help getting motivated!

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